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Historia zmian dostępna tylko w wersji angielskiej.


  • some changes in GUI’s Options tab
  • fixed slowdowns while showing guns window, exit window, chat line, command line
  • change ‚int’ to ‚long’ in Singleton.h to avoid compilation error
    on 64-bit linux systems
  • hide mouse cursor on main GUI menu
  • new config file version – addded MaxGrenades variable and removed
  • fixed some errors while stopping Audio Manager
  • making use of colliders and different types of collisions
  • added next few sounds
  • made new Shell class
  • fixed some sound issues while grenade and cluster exploding
  • starting to use new types of polygons introduced in Soldat 1.5.1
  • updating module works again (in less informative mode – you won’t
    see the progress bar); new downloaded files will be automatically
    placed into the same folder where options.ini is
  • added vest bar
  • some fixes in text diplaying
  • improvements in Window Folder Selector
  • improvements in GUI Options tab
  • put all command’s and chat’s stuff into separate classes
  • made new Cluster and ClusterGrenade classes
  • AudioManager is loaded only when it’s needed
  • fixed some regressions
  • many other improvements and fixes
  • switched from SDL to SFML
  • removed unnecessary #include files; much faster compilation
  • new physics engine based on Polycolly (all objects are now polygons)
  • use spatial hashing and SAT for collision detection
  • handle different types of collisions
  • added ClusterNade and Weapon objects
  • many other improvements
  • updating module doesn’t work (temporarily)


* some improvements in folder selector classes
* updating module should work again in Windows
* other fixes


* improved gostek’s drawing
* new regular expression library; the new one bases on PCRE provided with CEGUI
* extended ‚Player’ tab in GUI
* many minor fixes and improvements
* this is the first release provided parallelly with windows binaries


* separate Fonts, Audio, Interface from WorldMap class and create FontManager , BonusManager, AudioManager, ParserManager, InterfaceBaseManager and InterfaceManager as singletons
* parsing named colors, like : clSilver, clWhite, etc.
* fixed saving and loading names of selected interface into options.ini file
* fixed changing sound volume
* fixed many memory leaks


* start to make standalone version of Cruel Hessian (initially based on mods created by Soldat’s users; check README.txt for more information)
* initially implemented updating module
* use decompressor of tar.lzma files based on lzma465 package and untar.c file
* Game, GUI and WorldMap classes are derived now from Singleton class; removed global functions and variables and speed up loading maps
* new code for drawing the gostek; it’s based partially on Anna Zajaczkowski’s Gostek Viewer written in Visual Basic 6; currently there is a small regression in this part
* updated Simpleini to 4.13 version
* many minor improvements and fixed memory leaks


* initial implementation of Verlet integration to simulate physics
* possibility of changing and saving the following settings in the configuration file: main bot’s colors, game modes’ limits, weapons and bonuses availability, the number of bots
* removed the dependency on boost_regex
* some other fixes and improvements


* fixed displaying some maps at start-up
* fixed positioning the arrow above the player after death
* prevented from adding points to player when he killed himself
* some improvements in the code


* fixed loading some types of png files
* fixed warnings which appeared during the compilation process
* scan MP3 directory after select new Soldat files’ directory
* fixed refreshing information about player’s status


* draw arrow above the player
* some fixes in displaying maps’ sceneries
* fixed CMakeLists.txt file
* fixed segmentation fault while start playing music


* improved png files loading
* showing white dot in statistics’ window next to player’s name
* no case sensitive system for loading files
* improved fonts’ loading
* huge classes’ refactoring
* fixed some segmentation faults when the bullet flies outside the world


* colored bots in all modes
* showing death’s dot in statistics’ window
* reseting playlist in GUI when game mode is changed
* next part of classes’ refactoring
* added initial support for arguments’ line
* using ‚Txt/weaponnames.txt’ file
* using versioning for config file – prevents segmentation fault at startup
* other improvements


* better controls, time based movement
* added player status above the jet fuel bar
* colored bots in DM mode
* added next sounds
* expanded player tab in GUI
* some other fixes and improvements


* improved chat and command line
* improved DM mode (added time’s and kills’ limit)
* colored names of bots (based on .bot files)
* drawing bonuses on the screen (initial work)
* next part of minor improvements


* update stb_image_aug.c file from SOIL library to 1.18 version and fix some warnings
* improvements in grenades collisions
* added next few sounds
* start to implement command line, improved chat window
* refactoring classes
* many others fixes and improvements


* use folder selector in GUI system
* use Boost library
* update Simpleini to 4.12 version
* many minor fixes and improvements


* improved collision detection system; using the fact, that the edges of polygons are placed in the map file in clockwise direction; character (gostek) is now treated as circle (ellipse will be the best), ammo as point (segment – the most accurate), grenade also as circle and, in the future, bonuses – as squares
* start to gostek’s texturing
* improved chat window
* improved spawnpoints calculating in DM, PM, RM, TM modes – should be much less segmentation faults
* some fixes in graphics system


* possibility to select gun with a key
* start to implement chat window
* fixed displaying maps’ lists
* some improvements in GUI
* support for M3U playlists


* window with list of players’ scores (see README.txt)
* fix displaying new map after closing previous one
* insert all map-specific structures and variables into Map class
* start to use bots’ config files from Bots/ directory
* some other minor fixes


* added next few sounds
* start to implement simple 3D audio effects
* fixed audio volume changing
* fixed displaying map list
* fixed many memory leaks
* some fixes in HUD
* improved GUI
* possibility to take screenshots, show FPS’s, stop/play music, set to previous and next music track (see README.txt)
* update stb_image from SOIL library to 1.18 version


* should work now on 64-bit systems
* fix timers
* many improvements in GUI system
* use weapons.ini file from Soldat directory
* new config file parser – based on SimpleIni 4.11
* the code is now much more readable


* vastly improve overall performance
* remove sdl_image (use built-in SOIL library) and sdl_ttf dependency
* clean the code
* improve spawnpoints calculating
* initially implemented waypoints


* better controls
* huge improvement in collision detection system, use SECTORS structure from pms file
* no Boost library dependency; instead of boost_regex, Cruel Hessian is now using his own regular expressions library based on re_lib


* improve cmake building system
* some minor changes


* first official release

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